FOLANNIC FD 10K33~800K33

FOLANNIC FD 10K33~800K33

Name : FOLANNIC FD 10K33~800K33
FOLANNIC industrial UPS
FOLANNIC FD33 series (10KVA~800KVA)

Main technical characteristics
*More stable advanced industrial equipment, integrated with advanced DSP control technology.
*Dual-conversion all-online technology with more stable power input.
*Employ integrated MICROSOFT visual pattern platform system.
*Touch HMI(Human Machine Interface) communication with good interactivity.
*UPS functional module, state process, and visual pattern data display.
*Intelligent network interface with built-in dry contracts, standard RS232, RS485 interface, and MODBUS protocol and SNMP card are supported.
*Double power input design, and it is compatible with generator system.
*Color TFT LCD with large-sized Chinese and English display is easy to use.
*Advanced UPS incidents, status information pop-ups have the notification function of simple troubleshooting.
*Advanced UPS incidents and history records can be queried or erased.
*Charging current can be set, even charging mode can be programmed,and even charging time can be set as well.
*It can automatically judge battery voltage and execute the mode of battery switch-on/off, so as to avoid the damage to battery for deep discharging.
*Programmable installation time and battery changing time can be set and displayed, and it is convenient for users to confirm.
*The mode of heat dissipation is intelligent, and fan can automatically start according to the load. Also, once fan is aging or failure it can alarm automatically.
*Method of connecting wire can be chosen in the bottom or the back, it is flexible and convenient.
*All series of models can be operated in the mode of dual-equipment parallel or multi-equipment parallel.

Application fields:
Metallurgy, petrochemistry, power, building materials, aviation and aerospace, military industry, bank, telecommunications, medical treatment and so on.


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