FG Series UPS

FG Series UPS

Name : FG   Series UPS
FOLANNIC industrial power UPS
FOLANNIC FG series(10KVA~160KVA)

Main technical characteristics
*More stable advanced industrial power equipment, integrated with advanced DSP control technology.
*Dual-conversion all-online technology with more stable power input.
*Wide power input range is more suitable for unstable and severe power-net surroundings.
*System is equipped with 12-pulse rectification to reduce the pollution to power net and improve the equipment life.
*Advanced parallel operation mode, dual-backup of working power supply.
* Both of the Input and output are equipped with high-grade isolation transformer.
*Intelligent net port with built-in complete dry contracts.
*Dual-power input is allowed and this unit is compatible with generator system.
*Large screen LCD with Chinese/English display, and the failure logging can be inquired.
*Remote monitoring and maintenance software can realize repair in different locations and guarantee the response speed of service to customers.
*reflected noise can be eliminated by reflected noise eliminator composed of DC Inductors, and this can avoid the impact of surging when inverter operates instantaneously.
*Design of power soft-start device can realize repeated change by buffering power when transitory strong current is released or transitory load is changed.
*Advanced special design of system switching; when main power is operating smoothly and once DC circuit is open or failure, it can switch on to the backup power without interruption even the main power is powered off.

Application fields:
Large-scale industrial enterprises in the fields of metallurgy, petrochemistry and power.


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