DC Panel Power system

DC Panel Power system

Name : DC Panel Power system
Features of D.C. power system
*High-frequency rectification module and subassembly for power with multiple capacities optional
*Verge harmonic vibration soft switch technology is adopted for the high-frequency rectification module, powered plug, and module with integration interface;
*The high-frequency rectification module carries 220V, 110V, 48V, 24V and multiple voltage grades;
*Functions of smooth adjustment of output voltage and current available;
*The module is provided with monitor consisting of LCD, the real human-to-machine conversation;
*Low-error automatic current-sharing is applied to the high-frequency rectification module hardware to ensure reliable operation of the system;
*The high-frequency rectification module is provided with air-cooling and self-cooling, more configuration options.
*Modularization structure, simple deployment and strong reliability;
*The monitoring module system is arranged with RS232/485 intelligent data communication interface, supporting 4 national standard communication protocols.

Composition of the D.C. power system
*The system is comprised of the following components based on basic composition of the system, and the basic functions of components are described as follows:
*High-frequency rectification module
*The high-frequency rectification module operates AC/DC conversion and realizes the basic functions of the system.
*A.C. power distribution
*The 3-phase A.C. input power is distributed to the high-frequency rectification modules with power distribution, and the expansion function works for automatic switching of 2 channels of A.C. power input.
*D.C. feeding
*The D.C. bus voltage is distributed to each channel of D.C. output loop with power distribution.
*Monitoring unit
*The monitoring unit is used to collect and analyze analogue quantities of A.C., D.C. and expansion volume as well as the switching volume signals, with sound and light alerts.
*Monitoring module
*The entire system is managed, and the window for human-to-machine conversion is mainly used for battery charging management and the backstage remote control of the system.
*Battery patrolling and inspecting
*The single battery voltage is monitored and alerted, supplied with battery patrolling and inspecting device and battery patrolling and inspecting unit;
*Insulation testing
*Insulation of bus and feed-out branch wire to ground is monitored with alert signal, and the data is transmitted to the monitoring module system to display alert information in the monitoring module in detail.
*Block diagrams for composition of the system
*The power modules and related subassemblies are combined conveniently to realize modularized design, and systems of different capacities are deployed, as shown below:


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